[Ur] new list of companies / freelancers supporting urweb in the future

Adam Chlipala adamc at impredicative.com
Thu Nov 18 14:31:05 EST 2010

Marc Weber wrote:
> for customers its very important to avoid single points of failure.
> An urweb based application could be one unless there are many providers
> who could continue a project.
> So I hope that this small list on the wiki grows fast so that I can tell
> customers urweb is not a lock in.
> http://www.impredicative.com/wiki/index.php/Companies_supporting_the_urweb_language

An interesting idea.  I'll be curious to see if many other people would 
be willing to add their names. :)

Right now, this is hard, since I have the wiki set up to require 
explicit granting of write access.  Anyone who wants this access just 
needs to e-mail me with a wiki account name.

I set this up because I wasn't able to find a good spam prevention 
system for MediaWiki.  I found some documents that assumed the reader 
was running on the main Wikimedia Foundation servers, but that didn't 
help me.  Does anyone know how to set up a MediaWiki to allow public 
editing, without likely ending up manually rolling back multiple spam 
edits a day?

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