[Ur] Announcing jsMove

Timothy Beyer beyert at fastmail.net
Tue Jul 17 00:43:22 EDT 2012

Dear list,

I recently implemented a simple Ur/Web application "jsMove" which draws a
circle to the screen.  The circle may be moved interactively via keyboard/mouse
or touchscreen, depending on the selected URL (main or main_touch).  It uses
the Ur/Web JavaScript FFI extensively for graphics (Raphaël) and for several
additional event handlers.

It is mainly targeted towards people who are completely new to Ur/Web and don't
understand how to use the JavaScript FFI very well, or people who want to write
non-traditional web applications (eg. games, desktop style applications) in a

Keep in mind that the code is ugly because I haven't mastered the type system
yet, so any critiques are welcome.  There are also currently some issues with
pressing the buttons with the mouse, but for the most part the code works very
well and could likely be useful to others.

The complete source code is available:

Timothy Beyer

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