[Ur] "Fatal error: Non-printable character 4294967248 in string to SQLify"

Adam Chlipala adamc at impredicative.com
Sat Mar 3 16:21:46 EST 2012

Alexei Golovko wrote:
> 27.02.2012, 16:34, "Adam Chlipala"<adamc at impredicative.com>:
>> Thus, the question I asked before remains: what is the right way to
>> escape UTF-8 strings to use as string literals in MySQL and SQLite?

I've made a simple change that should cause this to now work as you 
expect.  The interesting open question for me is whether I have 
introduced a code injection vulnerability with this change! :|  Would 
appreciate any informed thoughts on the question.

>> P.S.: You have a comment asking:
>>       (* Why "task initialize = init" does not work?
>>          But this is the second question. *)
>> I uncommented the alternate version and it at least type-checked fine.
>> What kind of "not working" have you seen?
> It is well-typed, but compiler says:
> sql_unicode.ur:27:0-27:22: Initializer has not been fully determined

I also just pushed a fix for this problem.

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