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Sergey Mironov grrwlf at gmail.com
Tue Aug 5 04:57:10 EDT 2014

Well, I really prefer not to use Apache for serving anything but the
completely static pages.

The first reason for this is the installation procedure of my
application. Basically, I want it to be as short as possible.
Installation of mlton/postgre/urweb chain is straightforward and the
correctness may be checked by simply running the application
(excellent thing - it fails to start if something is wrong with
postgres). The Apache-based design falls out of the scope of this
'check by running' method. Without Apache installation manual becomes
shorter and system administrator - less angry.

The second reason is the ability to control the [serve] function's
behavior. For example, my application should serve the firmware
tarballs to authorized users only. Authorization routine requires
parsing of fingerprint of the user's system and searching here and
there in the database. Integrating such things into Apache may be
tricky (actually, I have no idea how to communicate with Apache. May
cookies be used for that?).

I think you will say that I am talking about non-static content and
all non-static content should be stored in the database completely.
Well, for the most of the applications - maybe. But sometimes
application should interact with file-based backends and in those
cases controlling the [serve] logic is very desirable. For my
application, I am doing it via [val serveTarball : string ->
transaction page] right from the [main] function.


2014-08-01 22:32 GMT+04:00 Adam Chlipala <adamc at csail.mit.edu>:
> Thanks for the interesting idea.  I have to admit, I'm perplexed as to why
> you didn't just use a traditional web server to serve such files.
> I think I'll take this opportunity to solicit community input on this
> general issue, which has bothered me for a while.  People seem to be
> assuming that it is axiomatically impossible or clearly undesirable that an
> Ur/Web application must always be running in the context of a web server
> like Apache.  Why is that? Unsurprisingly, in such a setting, it is quite
> trivial to do anything that web servers usually do.  As far as I understand,
> almost all real-world web applications run in the context of Apache or
> similar servers, or at least they did 5 years ago.
> There are at least three easy modes for running Ur/Web applications with
> Apache, lighttpd, etc.:
> 1) FastCGI process started and stopped automatically by the web server.  I
> recommend this mode for production deployments.
> 2) Main web server proxies appropriate HTTP requests to the application.  I
> recommend this mode for development.
> 3) CGI program invoked by main web server.  This is a pretty retro option
> that is rarely appropriate today.
> The Ur/Web manual contains example configuration for some of these
> strategies, and I could add more, if I've been mistakenly assuming that some
> small piece of Apache knowledge is widely enough known that it's not a big
> deal for any Ur/Web user to apply it in setting up a development/production
> environment.
> On 08/01/2014 03:47 AM, Sergey Mironov wrote:
>> Hi, Adam. Since you have published your file-serving extension, I'd
>> like to share my old code for solving similar task.
>> The idea is to be able to pickpocket the client-connection socket from
>> the urweb and pass it to some standalone application which would use
>> it to serve large file. I am using it to send firmware tarballs
>> (approx 20-50 Mb in size) to the clients.
>> Here is how it works in more details:
>> 1. The Ur/Web server sets the 'sock' field of the uw_context (see the
>> patch)
>> 2. The program calls the detachSocket function which extracts this
>> field and prevents Ur/Web from writing anything to this socket.
>> 3. The client program starts new process (via my urweb-callback FFI
>> library) and passes the socket to it via command line (UNIX layer
>> makes sure that child processes inherit opened handles correctly)
>> 4. The child process does it job to sending it's content to client
>> That's it. I'm not asking you to include this modification into the
>> Ur/Web, just want to share the approach.
>> Regards,
>> Sergey
>> Demo - https://github.com/grwlf/urweb-detach
>> Patch -
>> https://github.com/grwlf/urweb-detach/blob/master/1_of_1_Introduce__Detach__mechanism_.patch
>> (and in attachment)
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