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      <page pageid="3" ns="0" title="Ur">
          <rev xml:space="preserve">=== Official resources ===
* [ Project web site]
* [ Official demo]
* [ Official manual]
* [ Mailing list archives]
* [[Contributing to this wiki]]

=== Ur/Web ===
* [[Ur FAQ|Ur FAQ]]
* [[Ur Performance Comparisons|Performance Comparisons]]
* [[Comparison tables]]
* [[Companies supporting the urweb language]]
* [[Won't fix]]
* [[Compiler contributions procedure]]

=== Code Samples ===
* [[Ur Rosetta Stone|Rosetta Stone]] - currently lists rough translations between certain functions from the Ur/Web standard library and functions from the Haskell platform. Designed to aid understanding, rather than to be rigorous!
* [[Best practices]]
* [[Code Samples]]
* [[Impredicativity in Ur/Web]]
* [[Ur C FFI Example|C FFI Example]]
* [[Pitfalls - things which can go wrong]]
* [[Expressing subrecord constraints]]

=== Development ===
* [[Libraries and FFI bindings]]
* [[Ur-based Projects]]

=== Tools ===
* [  Minimal Vim support]
* [ Vim-compattible XML formatter]
* [ Nix-based build system supporting modular design ]</rev>
      <page pageid="18" ns="0" title="Ur-based Hosting">
          <rev xml:space="preserve">claim: urweb based hosting may be more expensive / more complicated than PHP hosting which some people may consider being standard
Around ur there is a community growing. The community is willing to help. If you have issues paying a server (for testing or other purposes) consider expressing your wish on the mailinglist. I'm pretty sure there will be a solution.
Many different hosting providers (such as linode) let you install any linux system by doing some clicks. Then you can do whatever you want. There are other providers such as which seem to allow cheap fastcgi based hosting (I didn't try that one). I'm personally very happy with linode because of the debug shell you can use and because of the virtualization system being used providing up to date kernels.

Help enhance this page, please.</rev>