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Companies don't want lock ins. So its important for them that they don't have a single point of failure. Using PHP they know that they can get support easily. So if you do or want to support urweb soon list yourself here so that customers see that they can get support easily from various providers easily.

So if you're interested in supporting urweb based applications professionally add yourself here and point your potential customers to this page.

list of companies or freelancers who are interested in supporting urweb based applications

   Marc Weber (web based applications & general programming)
   Im Tannhörne 4/1
   78052 Villingen-Schwenningen
   Karn Kallio ( freelance programming ) 
   Casa 94-51
   Calle Sirio Entre Av. Ártico y Av. Antártico
   Trigal Norte, Valencia
   2001 Carabobo

validated last

Someone should step up and contact all addresses to see that they are still valid every couple of month. If you did so paste the last date here.

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