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Some libraries can be found on the ur main page (goto "Extendend Standard Library")

Library playground

Code which could be moved into the core library later. Contact MarcWeber using the github page to get push / commit access I would have liked to create a repository which is easier to get access to (eg by registering at github only) But I didn't find a way. I'm fine with creating a more neutral name such as later if several users start contributing. (I also tried gitorious - but got yet another "I'm sorry" error .. )



This library let's you run arbitrary command lines. Be aware that there is a chance that the process is run multiple times because code generation is retried


This library makes it possible to start a process and notify the main program when it is completed. Currently the library requires the patched urweb.

E-mail (Official library)


urweb-persona (a fork)



Bootstrap (Official library)

A binding to famous CSS engine


An easy way to include JavaScript/CSS library into an Ur/Web project. Includes support for JQuery, Bootstrap, Personna. Demo1. Demo 2.


A must-have monad pack, inspired by Haskell's MTL


Ruby bindings for Ur. The main purpose is writing cached HTTP queries - because some HTTP requests should never be retried. The test directory contains a usage example. Unfortunately you have to patch Ruby.

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