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This library let's you run arbitrary command lines. be aware that there is a chance that the process code is called multiple times because code generation is retried


Ruby bindings for Ur. The main purpose is writing cached HTTP queries - because some HTTP requests should never be retried. The test directory contains a usage example. Unfortunately you have to patch Ruby.

json sample library

Adam Chlipala was so kind providing this example how a JSON Ur library could look like. I hope he finds the time somewhen to publish a repository instead

Metaprogramming / GUIs

Adam started working on a meta and GUI library "that should be of general interest" (mercurial repositories):

library playground

code which could be moved into the core library later. Contact MarcWeber using the github page to get push / commit access I would have liked to create a repository which is easier to get access to (eg by registering at github only) But I didn't find a way. I'm fine with creating a more neutral name such as later if several users start contributing. (I also tried gitorious - but got yet another "I'm sorry" error .. )

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