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[edit] Official

Some libraries can be found on the ur main page (goto "Extendend Standard Library")

[edit] Library playground

Code which could be moved into the core library later. Contact MarcWeber using the github page to get push / commit access I would have liked to create a repository which is easier to get access to (eg by registering at github only) But I didn't find a way. I'm fine with creating a more neutral name such as later if several users start contributing. (I also tried gitorious - but got yet another "I'm sorry" error .. )

[edit] System

[edit] uw-process

This library let's you run arbitrary command lines. Be aware that there is a chance that the process is run multiple times because code generation is retried

[edit] urweb-callback

This library makes it possible to start a process and notify the main program when it is completed.

[edit] E-mail (Official library)

[edit] UTF-8

[edit] Authentication

[edit] urweb-persona (a fork)

[edit] openid

[edit] Web

[edit] Bootstrap (Official library)

A binding to famous CSS engine

[edit] Uru

An easy way to include JavaScript/CSS library into an Ur/Web project. Includes support for JQuery, Bootstrap, Persona. Demo1. Demo 2.

[edit] Captcha

Wrapper for the CAPTCHA library

[edit] Others

[edit] urweb-monad-pack

Collection of monads inspired by Haskell's MTL

[edit] urweb-prelude

Collection of simple functions, inspired by Haskell's Prelude library

[edit] uw-ruby

Ruby bindings for Ur. The main purpose is writing cached HTTP queries - because some HTTP requests should never be retried. The test directory contains a usage example. Unfortunately you have to patch Ruby.

[edit] urweb-aatree

SortedSet, SortedMap, HashSet and HashMap based on Arne Anderson trees (AATrees).

(Hashable class borrowed from Haskell's Data.Hashable)

[edit] urweb-xmlw

A kind of Writer monad accumulating XML to be served to clients

[edit] urweb-dequeue

A split list implementation of a double ended queue

[edit] urweb-pairing-heap

A pairing heap implementation of a priority queue

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