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[edit] Ur FAQ

official FAQ (Or maybe: What you also might want to know ..)

[edit] urweb sometimes emits unfortunate error messages:


fun main () =
return <xml>
  <head> <title>Hello world!!</title> </head>
  <body>  (* << this is line 4 *)
    <h1>My tests</h1>
    <a link={hello()}></a>

and fun hello () =  (* << remove "fun" here *)
main.ur:4 Begin tag <body> and end tag </a> don't match.

[edit] How well does Ur scale (compilation time)?

Some benchmarks Marc Weber did indicate that you might run into trouble for very large applications. So consider running your own tests. However you can split ur projects into pieces keeping compilation time low - so this may not be a real issue.

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